November, 01, 2007

So, it's time for some news :-)

About 1 month ago, we just finished a recording session. We recorded 8 new songs, but we are

not satisfied with the recordings at all...because of that, we will maybe use 2 or 3 of these songs for promotional use only

(listen to one song here at the audio-section or go to myspace).

Soon we will start a new try, record the songs again and release a expect a new SY release begin of 2008.

Also take a look at the live-dates and the video-section...



December, 17, 2006

New download at the video-section.

New pics at the picture-section. Concert in january...check the live dates...


March, 29, 2006

Concert on saturday was great, we really enjoyed it...

Here is a new videoclip from that show (or just check out the video section)


February, 28, 2006

New 7" Review online. Check THIS out


February, 27, 2006

OK, check out the "video"- section, there is the first public version of a be continued...


January, 01, 2006

A happy new year to you all ! Last night we played on a party and it was much fun.

You'll find some photos and maybe a video- or audioclip here soon.

Tapesampler with one unreleased song ("fader song") is finished and you can order it here.

So we hope to play a lot of shows in 2006 and maybe go to the studio and record our next release

So that's all for the moment. Come back to check our "news"- and our "shows"-section.



November, 21, 2005

New 7inch-Review from Moloko Plus at the "Discography" Section.

November, 13, 2005

Check out the live dates !!! New gig in december.

We will be part of the "THERE IS NO WAY OUT..." Tapecompilation.

Check this link for more info about that

July, 15, 2005

See us live at the "Altstadtfest Saarbruecken",sunday, july, 17, 2005

We will play at 3pm on the "Rockwiese"

June, 12, 2005

New Video to download. Just click HERE.

April 30, 2005

7" is finished !!! Order here (€3 + postage).

Next week we will play a show at Rodalben/Pirmasens (just click to get more


April, 18, 2005

Next week the 7" will be finished. It took some time, but finally it's done.

I will get the covers next week on monday and tuesday i will send out the ordered ones.

There are still some colored left. So be fast...

We will also be part of a mp3 sampler by HUSSIESKUNK with about 90 bands and

100 songs, so go buy one, it's very cheap...

SNAPCOUNT cancelled the concert in Zweibrücken, because they have a new man

on the microphone and need some time until they will play shows again.

Maybe i have to work at that day so we will have to cancel too, but wait for

some news...

We will play MAY, 07, 2005 at Pirmasens/Rodalben together with "ENRAGED BY

BEAUTY" and another(?) band. More infos will follow soon.

So watch out for our 7" and seeing us live...that's all folks...

March, 23, 2005

Today we received the 7"'s from the pressing plant and we are very proud of it !

But we still have to finish the cover artwork.

So it will still take a few weeks until you will be able to buy this hot piece of plastic !!!

Preorder now and you'll get a colored one !

Check out live dates !


February, 17, 2005

See us live !!! 13.Mai 2005 Erdgeschoss Zweibrücken


Good news !!! 2 days ago i sent the master to the pressing plant, so

expect the 7" in about 4 weeks. There will be a limited edition on colored vinyl,

so be fast and get your copy. You can pre-order now !!! Send email !!!

New pictures at the pictures-section.

Sorry but i had to kill the "Feuerwache"-Video, because of the webspace.

I am sorry but PR006a is out-of-stock, so go and pre-order your copy of the 7" now!


February, 1, 2005

Another new video to download. The complete first concert recorded live at

the Alte Feuerwache Saarbruecken back in 2003.


February, 1, 2005

Available for a short time only:

Puzzle Records 006a - Save Yourself - 3 song MCD-R

You can get this cd-r until the 7" will be finished. Send email or buy at concert.

January, 31, 2005

Take a look at the download-section. There is new Video to download.

Save Yourself 30 minutes live at Juz Saarlouis 22/01/2005. Enjoy !!!

January, 26, 2005

Watch out for "SAVE YOURSELF" 3-song 7", coming out march/april 2005 on Puzzle Records.

December, 24, 2004

Mixdown is finished. And it sounds really good.
Schmidty from Death Tone Studio did a great job.
Now he will do mastering to do a few sound corrections and begin of 2005 watch out for Save Yourself 3 song ep.
Here are two songs to download, enjoy !!!

Download 2 new songs:

SAVE YOURSELF - Worst Case First (mixdown)

SAVE YOURSELF - Short Legs (mixdown)


We will play january, 22, 2005 at Juz Saarlouis, with Fish By Force, Cynical Bastard and Seasick.

November, 9, 2004

We started recording on friday. Drums and bass are already finished.
Until friday (this week) we will be finished with the guitars and on saturday Felix and myself will do the vocals.
We are recording 6 songs and we are planning to put 4 of them on a 7".
Maybe next week you'll be able to download one of the songs here.
So come back, download and listen !!!

October, 27, 2004

Ok, we will start recording next week, november, 5th at the DEATHTONE STUDIO.

October 14, 2004

Good news guys. We will go to record 6 or 7 songs for a 7" end of this month.
When everything works good, the record will be available begin of January 2005.

!!! I also have a new address !!! So check it out at Contact