-Freeware comp. 2 (Dead Serious Promo Compilation / January 2003)

4 songs: The fucking song / Millions of screaming... / Nine to the grass / Still suffer


"Rimshot"-Demo (Puzzle Records 005 / March 2003)


-"Tod der Cd Vol.3" 21 bands, 31 songs tape compilation (Strictly Commercial Records / december 2003)

2 songs: "Quick Change"and "Millions Of Screaming Corpse Are Running Down From My Shoulder To My Knee, Followed By The Reaper"


-"Mullets & Alcoholics" 34 song compilation (Hussieskunk.com/SFL Records / december 2003)

1 song: "Pain to the grass"



3 song 7" (Puzzle Records 006/ March 2005)

4 test pressings & 530 : 110 red/grey, 420 black (about 60-80 copies left)

01 gates closed

02 worst case first

03 soul...fucked...




Puzzle Records 006a

Save Yourself - 3 song MCD-R

(about 30 copies made and sold)




"There is no way out..." Volume 1 Tapesampler (puzzle records 007 /december 2005)

(26 bands - 45 songs of punk/metal/hardcore including: American Tourists, Backsight,Burst Of Fire, Chainway, Daily Riot,
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, End Of All Theory, Every Man For Himself, Fennimore Buttercup, Hellström,
Human Error, Jacqueline Hyde, Kurushimu, Lee Majors, Miss June, Ritual, Save Yourself, Scars Come Clean, Shut The Fuck Up,
Sidetracked, Step On It, Tackleberry, The Force Within, The Seven Bowls Of Wrath, Tyrant In Tuxedo, Voltron)

2 songs: gates closed / fader song





Wate of mind



"Underground 2006" Tapesampler (Kampfgartentapes 020 / january 2007)

(34 Bands - 34 punk/hardcore songs)

1 song: soul...fucked...



Saarland Underground Metal Sampler 2007 (Micro Phonics / april 2007)

1 song: worst case first



"There is no way out..." Volume 2 Tapesampler (puzzle records 008 /august 2006)

(29 bands - 55 songs of punk/metal/hardcore including:

An Wasted, Burt, Cave Canem, Chance To Rise, Colina, Der Faustmörder, Eat Unda Table, Elision, Enraged By Beauty,
Destroyer, Go!, Nihil Obstat, No, Noble Cause, Paradox Backlash, Piazza Dropout, Prendergast, Save Yourself,
Shafott, Shimetsu, The Disturbers, The Italian Stallion, The Last Cause, The Missing Shadows, The Target,
Tyrant Pearl, Vatikan Riots, What never dies, Yacöpsae

2 songs: nine / worst case first


There is no way out...the DVD (puzzle records 010 / 0ctober 2007)

2 videos: worst case first / pclmb




8 song CD